Tax re declaration of a property

Tax re-declaration of a property

A. Duration of the procedureAfter you provide us with an electronic copy of your deed, of your Bulstat registration certificate/card and of the habitation certificate (so called act 16) (please see p. B below), we will draft for you and e-mail you a PoA (please see p. B below) to be signed. The tax re-declaration will be done within three days term after receipt of an electronic copy of the signed PoA.

B. Documents requested

To proceed on your behalf we will ask you to sign a PoA (note: the PoA expires automatically after completion of the tax registration) and to email us electronic copy of your deed (note: the deed is mandatory enclosure to the application for tax registration), your Bulstat registration certificate/card and the habitation certificate (so called act 16).

C. Costs

There are no state fees for tax registration.

For information regarding the legal fees please contact our Bansko lawyer team for details.

D. Results of the procedure

The council taxes and garbage collection fees are several times reduced.

You receive a new tax registration certificate issued by the Municipality of Bansko or Razlog (depending on the location of the client’s property) containing information re the name of the owner and the date of the registration.