Banskolawyer, property lawyer in Bansko

Banskolawyer law firm will help you to sale/purchase property in Bansko and Razlog, Bulgaria safely!

As an existing owner of property/company in Bulgaria, you will almost certainly find yourself requiring one or more of Banskolawyer services, at some point during the purchase/ownership/sale/management of your Bulgarian investment.
We’ll be glad to help you buy/sale property in Bulgaria, declare your property into the tax office, write a will, reduce your council taxes, open an electric/water account for your apartment, set up a company, change your company address, transfer company shares, draft/check a maintenance contract for your apartment and so on.

Here in after you will find a short list of our services. If you have different request please do not hesitate to contact our banskolawyer team.

For non European Union citizens help with the registration of all types residence permits (VNG) in Bulgaria
Registration/Opening of a commercial representation to your company in Bulgaria
Inquiry of documents
Drafting of legal documents in connection with purchase/sale of a property
Representation before the competent institutions in order to gather all papers required by law from the seller of a property
Representation before the competent notary for the signing of a deed/conveyance papers (representation before the seller/buyer for signing of a preliminary contract/hand-over protocol and so on)
Tax advices in connection with the sale/purchase of a property
Translation of legal documents into English
Declaration of the acquisition of a property
Bulstat registration
Tax re-declaration of a property
Declaration for waiver of payment of garbage collection fees
Opening / transfer of water and electric accounts
Wills and legal advices on inheritance issues
Drafting of maintenance/management/rental contracts
Legal comments and advice on maintenance / management /rental contracts
Legal assistance in organizing owners assembly in buildings regulated by the Condominium Act
Legal advices on the requirements of the Condominium Act and registration of buildings
Registration of a Bulgarian company